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Knowledgebase: VoIP Device Setup
Posted by Liam Bal on 10 April 2019 02:14 PM


Voicemail is similar to a traditional answering machine. If you are unavailable or busy, calls will be routed to Voice Mail. A caller will leave a message and you will be able to retrieve this later via your Handset or E-mail. No call charges apply to call the Voicemail Service.


Handset & Softphone: Pick up the handset and dial * 96. The recorded announcement will advise if you have any messages. If you do, to listen, press 1. Otherwise, you may press 2 to change voicemail folders, press 3 for advanced options, press 0 for mailbox options, press * (star) for help or press # (hash) to exit. You may press 7 to delete a message after listening to it.


Alternatively, you may listen to your voicemail messages on your computer. To do so, you would log into the My Account section of our website, click on your VoIP Service and click on VoiceMail. Under the ‘Playback’ heading, click on the Speaker icon.

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